The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series (Part 1)

The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series (Part 1)

I finished Telltale’s the Walking Dead series once again, but this time definitively!

I’ve had The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series for the Playstation 4 sitting around waiting to be finished for quite some time now. I was halfway through A New Frontier which is my least favorite season and stopped playing. I just picked it back up over the last weekend and finished out the series. I had played the regular series several times previously. I played the first two seasons on the Xbox 360 and from there we had the last two seasons on the PC and replayed the first two on the PC as well. I finished my Playstation 4 playthrough up just in time to post about it before the new Clementine comic comes out on July 7th! I will probably write more in-depth about a New Frontier (at least the last few episodes). I do have my choices saved to reference from past seasons. I will be making a second post focusing on the Final Season itself as it is probably my favorite and I have so many screenshots. So, let’s take a look at my choices for the first 3 seasons!

In the first season I wanted to have all of the people available to join me in the final episode. I made a point to side and agree with Kenny as often as I could and overall keep him happy. I read online from a few places referencing a post found here that Kenny has a point system in which you need to have a certain amount of points for him to voluntarily join you in the final episode without needing to be persuaded. Keep that in mind when looking at my choices.

My Lee is a pretty nice guy and typically makes the kind choices in dialogue. These were all pretty evenly split at the time of playing. In previous playthroughs I believe I probably chose all of these options. Of course I chose to save Duck and side with Kenny to get those points. I saved Carley because that gave me the opportunity in Episode 2 to talk to our group about me being a killer. I wanted to make sure Kenny knew so it wouldn’t be a surprise when Lilly spills the beans later. It’s also nice for Lee to have a little bit of a romance. Irene at the hotel will shoot herself regardless so I didn’t care if I gave her the gun. On to Episode 2!

Looking back on these choices I was a little surprised. I don’t even remember what happens if you leave the teacher David to die. I just watched a video to refresh my memory because I’ve seen David turn and attack Katjaa so many times in my playthroughs I couldn’t picture what happens otherwise or even remember that you can just leave the teacher in the woods. I didn’t shoot Jolene because I wanted to hear all of her dialogue. I had to help kill Larry to get those Kenny points. I didn’t realize I was a savage and killed both brothers. Finally, I can understand why I stole the food because it doesn’t matter either way because it still gets stolen regardless of my choice.

With the Definitive edition we had the Graphic Black setting turned on for all seasons - mostly to make a New Frontier less hideous. Below I’ve included what I think is a good example of the difference it makes in how dark everything becomes.

It does make things more difficult to see in already dark places. On to Episode 3!

I did not shoot the girl on the street both to earn Kenny points and it just makes sense to allow her to be a distraction. I sided with Kenny at every opportunity to get his points for this episode. Of course we abandoned Lilly because it is not appropriate to shoot your group members! I was happy I was able to talk Kenny down on the train rather than fight him and happily shot Duck. I helped Christa since she’s pregnant and Omid can help himself. Christa is annoyed with anything you do so I don’t really care. Onward to Episode 4!

I’m very surprised when looking at these numbers how few people kill the boy in the attic. It gave me more Kenny points so I went ahead and smushed his head in with my foot. I’m pretty sure in previous playthroughs I’ve always killed him. I was honest with Hershel earlier and was honest with Vernon as well being the nice guy that I am. I think this was potentially my first time bringing Clementine to Crawford. I always thought it made more sense to keep her at the house where it’s safe but decided to bring her along. She is helpful when she comes along. Kenny really likes when you let Ben fall to his death and you get big points if you allow that but as stated before I wanted the whole group to come with me in the end which is why I showed my bite for Omid and Christa to join. Being a good friend to Kenny throughout the season, he remembered that and I didn’t have to guilt him into coming with which was my goal from the beginning. I REALLY didn’t want to hear his speech about how I wasn’t always there for him when I was kind to him and his family all throughout the game which is why I needed all of those points without dropping Ben. Throughout previous playthroughs I don’t think I had ever had everyone so I was excited to see how it would go with all of them together.

We got the whole crew! 😎

Honestly from what I remember Ben was pretty useless in the last episode but his death made my heart break. I love that Kenny went to help him despite his animosity toward Ben. I’d seen the other characters in the last episode so that wasn’t a big change. I wanted to keep my arm because I knew it was pointless to cut it off. I have no idea how to not lose your temper with Kenny. Let me know if you know how to avoid losing your temper on Twitter. The stranger doesn’t care if you keep your weapons so I just kept them. Another thing that I don’t remember: not killing the stranger. Did Clementine do it? Did I just strangle him and leave? It’s been too long. We of course had to stop Lee from turning and I’m glad that 95% of other players did so as well. If only it were 100%.

Overall I’m happy with my playthrough. There isn’t anything in particular that I would change. Let’s move on to Season 2 with savage Clementine as our protagonist.

I loved playing as a savage in Season 2 where Clementine is forced to take on all the tasks the adults should be doing. I don’t willingly help the group and my absolute favorite line is “whose baby is it?” to start out being sassy. Here are my choices for Season 2.

As I said, my Clementine is…a savage. I’m surprised that I stopped to help Christa. I’m sure in previous playthroughs I just ran away. Unfortunately I can never play the dog part myself from a personal experience with a dog and bsinky had to play that part for me. Of course I did not appreciate the group’s treatment of me and did not accept Nick’s apology. I was manipulative with Rebecca which I LOVE. Of course I didn’t offer the dying man MY water and I don’t like Nick so I went with Pete even though I knew he was going to die. Let’s see Episode 2.

Sarah is terrible - why would I take the blame for her photo? I wish I could have told Carver the truth right from the beginning about the group. I continued to be Kenny’s friend as Clementine so I had to sit with him for dinner. I told Walter all about what Nick did and allowed him to make the final choice of Nick’s fate. I believe I stayed with Carlos to keep Alvin alive but he was worthless in the following episode. On to Episode 3!

Why would I help Sarah with her chores? Reggie told us what to do and I did my job - I was doing my task as assigned. I always feel sorry for Reggie after he tells us “thanks for the help, girls” and immediately gets killed for Sarah’s negligence. I’m mean to Bonnie ever since we first meet her and didn’t tell her anything she didn’t need to know. I also wasn’t willing to admit that I had the walkie talkie - thanks Kenny for being a good friend and taking the blame…though it might not have been the best choice for you. This playthrough I guess I didn’t feel like watching Carver get his head bashed in. With this last choice, I think Kenny is less mad at you if you kill the walker (which they call a zombie 😮) rather than chopping her arm off as she will immediately die in that case and we always want to make Kenny happy and let her live a little longer. Onward to Episode 4!

I made no attempt to get Sarah to leave the trailer park. I guess I chose not to rob Arvo. I knew there was a walker in the ticket booth and I was not going to crawl through - I’d already done enough for the group. I guess I held the baby as he will one day be mine and I shot Rebecca. Not much to say for this episode. I think I kept Kenny from getting too mad at us which is nice. Now for the last Episode of the season!

Looks like I grabbed the baby up. Obviously I did not try to help Luke. This is similar to the woman in the streets situation where it’s clear what choice should be made. I’m not going to risk my life to save someone I know will die (RIP Luke…and I guess Bonnie too). Sadly we lost the only good person from the first group. Kenny is our BFF so I shouted for help rather than asked to leave. I sided with Kenny or stayed silent in the car ride. As Jane requested, I did not get involved in her fight with Kenny and of course I did not shoot him! We travelled to Wellington together and I had left with him in practically every other playthrough but decided to stay at Wellington. I did tear up during his speech when he leaves us in Wellington but I guess the positive is that we don’t end up killing him in a car accident.

I’m happy to be a scumbag in this season where Clementine is forced to do everything for the group when she’s only a little girl which is stated a few times. Now we continue to what I believe most people think is the worst season: A New Frontier.

The first two seasons (or at least the second) we bought and played episodically with a season pass. In A New Frontier I think we were turned off by it not exactly starring Clementine and did not buy them as they came out. bsinky told me that we purchased A New Frontier all at once after it was all out on Steam. The original graphics in this one were very…glossy. The Graphic Black setting complemented this season much better compared to the first two. My intention was to be a scumbag and definitely be a jerk to David which he rightfully deserves. I hate David and Kate. I don’t think I entirely followed through with that, though. I played the first two episodes before I took a long break and came back last weekend. Let’s see what we ended up doing.

I suppose I chose to stay at the junkyard because I think I wanted to go against what Kate wanted. I hate Kate. She shouldn’t be smoking weed in the van with children in the backseat. I usually either went against her or made her make the choices by staying silent. A lot of the later episodes I would just stay silent as she spoke at me. Then being the scumbag I am, I shot Rufus in the back. I got locked up with Clementine because she is by far the best character in this game and I went between making choices for and against her because I wanted to be bad but it was hard with Clementine. We decided to be sassy and leave with Eleanor rather than wait for Tripp. I stayed with Clementine during the shootout because why would I go with my family when I can spend time with Clem? Clearly an obvious choice.

I told David “Kate’s gonna leave your ass” and it was great. My first time playing I was shocked that “Tell him off” meant saying that. It caused drama and I liked it. At Prescott I decided to open fire as a scumbag who doesn’t care about anyone. I think the 3rd choice must have something to do with Jesus? Jesus is a great character in this game so I believed him and was nice to him. To spice things up I let Conrad take Clementine as our hostage. We followed Max’s orders and out walks David. Awkward. Episode 3!

My memory should be much better on the rest of the choices as these were all played recently. I always demand justice for Mariana’s murder, especially since David asks us not to. In the Clementine flashback I didn’t use the medicine because it didn’t matter. I didn’t feel like being kind and bashing Badger’s skull so decided to let him turn. I was also kind and brought Max back to explain things. I followed David’s plan because it was either agree with David or Kate which are both bad but might as well go with the first option. Not too much of a scumbag in this episode.

the specialist

This time I was kind enough to tell David I would help Kate since that’s obviously what happened. I must address The Specialist character we see after getting the weapons that Gabe attacks. To me he always looks like some sort of Alien pretending to be a human with his beard, glasses, hat, outfit, and empty eyes. I believe he’s the strangest character in the series. After this encounter I am unhappy with Gabe but it leads me to more Clementine time at the hospital! She stitches me up, we talk about menstruation, and I let her kill Linguard. After we meet up with the gang and form a plan with Gabe, Kate, Clem, and Javi, I strongly show my dislike for the relationship that Gabe and Clem could potentially have depending on the ending you get. Kate shares her feelings that she has had for the last several years and thinks that I’ve felt them too but I never have because I hate Kate. When we get to the execution in the morning I “save” Tripp because I know it will make Eleanor upset when he dies since she sold us out. I then shoot Joan because scumbag. We had a lot of opportunities to be mean in this episode!

Whenever Kate tries to talk to me I stay silent. Eleanor is mad at us for getting Tripp killed and I beat her down for what she did. When David is on the roof I chose to stand up by him because there have been many times when I had not in past playthroughs. We then make our way to the vehicles and Kate is a dummy and makes it sound like she loves us which David assumes means that we have something going on. I tell David it’s not true but he doesn’t believe me. We do the fight and I showed my love that I promised my dying father at the beginning of the episode. Clementine decided to go after Gabe and I joined her to let Kate die. By doing this I ensured that “Gabentine” will not exist. None of that for MY Clem. We saved David and Gabe but David doesn’t like us. Oh well. In the end, below you can read about my Clementine that I made.

Because I have a LOT to say about the Final Season and have many screenshots I think I will have that as a separate post as this one is already way too long just briefly covering my choices that were shown at the end of each episode. Stay tuned for The Final Season post!


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