Sims 4 Dream Home Disappointment Game Pack

Sims 4 Dream Home Disappointment Game Pack

Hello! This is PatronusLight and I am posting my first official article! Today I will be tackling The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack. I have bought most of the Expansion, Game, and Stuff Packs as they come out and immediately try it out. The only Packs I waited to purchase were some Stuff Packs. I own none of the Kits. Since it has been out for almost a month I’m ready to talk about my experience with it.

Based on the trailer, The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack is supposed to be exciting with beautiful reveal before and after photos and speaking with the clients afterward to see how they react in a new career. I did not experience this.

Prior to new Packs I usually make a new character and while I waited for Dream Home Decorator I had her max out the Singing skill (courtesy of the City Living Expansion Pack) and Piano skill. I had her write lyrics and songs and license them to start making money. At this time I turned off gaining fame (courtesy of the Get Famous Expansion Pack).

First things first: immediate bugs. My very first gig was a room renovation in StrangerVille (courtesy of the StrangerVille Game Pack) with an auto-generated townie in a studio set up home. I followed the townie’s likes and dislikes as well as I could and even made room for a treadmill with their limited room and money since they liked fitness as well as a TV! Though the reveal worked correctly, they looked around the room and shook their head disappointedly at the items I showed them. I was paid 0 simoleons. I personally felt like crying after this and needed to be comforted by bsinky. After their dislike I immediately went into Manage Worlds and destroyed their house’s interior.

Before renovation After renovation
Destroyed house interior

Regardless, I went ahead and searched for another gig and booked another room renovation with the Caliente family in Oasis Springs. This time I did a little cheating and went into Manage Worlds and edited their family. I went to their likes and made all of them like the color blue. They also gave me the color brown. When I went in for the renovation I made everything blue and one family member told me they liked violin so I plopped a violin in too. This time the family loved it: the reveal worked appropriately and I got paid.

Caliente family living room before Caliente family living room after

My next gig with the Pancakes in Willow Creek went well without cheating this time. I used their given likes and made their dining room very pink for Eliza. I made it an even more expensive pink room with their generous budget and added a microwave and yellow for Bob since he likes cooking and yellow. The reveal took place and they were both pleased.

I then did a simple kitchen renovation for the Nishidake household in Mt. Komorebi (courtesy of the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack) that went well too.

My next gig was another room renovation but for the Goth family in Willow Creek this time. I once again did a little cheating and made everyone like the colors black and red. They also gave me a specific decor style that they liked. I renovated a bathroom using the color AND decor style they asked for. This was another dud: the reveal did not work and I received no money. I went back to their house in Manage Worlds and deleted the entire room. One less bathroom for them!

A few days ago a Sims YouTuber James Turner posted a video where he couldn’t do any sort of actual renovation and plopped one item down from what he learned from the family’s likes and the family loved it anyway. I’ve watched his Dream Home Decorator series so far and have seen a lot of problems that others are experiencing as well. I just don’t understand this Packs logic.

During this time I had my sim build up her Acting skill (courtesy of the Get Famous Expansion Pack) and was prepared to switch careers if I encountered another bug or became bored.

Since I was not receiving any reputation due to failure of gigs, I used the MC Command Center mod and cheated myself up in the career to obtain better gigs. I booked a Gym Renovation for the gym in Willow Creek. I took my before photos of the main floor and one of the upper floor. Once I went into Build Mode I learned that I could not make changes to the upper floor. No big deal. I went ahead and deleted everything and added gym equipment from the Fitness Stuff Pack and threw in the B64 Training Bot from the StrangerVille Game Pack which no townie will probably use. The client liked purple so I put in as much purple as I could. They also liked the skiing skill (courtesy of Snowy Escape Expansion Pack) so I put in some purple ski equipment which can’t be used but is there for the client’s likes. This reveal worked and the client was happy.

After this renovation I did one more renovation of a living room for the Tinker family in Evergreen Harbor (courtesy of the Eco Lifestyle Pack). They liked blue as well. I made the renovation and though I was paid, I did not get the before and after reveal or chat with the client.

Due to this final bug, I switched careers and my sim is currently thriving in the Actor career (courtesy of the Get Famous Expansion Pack). Fame is now turned on and she is climbing to becoming a 5 Star Celebrity.

Overall I am deeply disappointed in this Pack. I enjoyed renovating rooms before this Pack and may continue to do so on my own but not as a part of this Pack’s career.


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